Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why I'm Soooo Excited For the Next SF Refresh!

We must have some sort of weather luck because both SF Refresh events have had some great weather. I’m sure it will be just as nice, if not nicer at the next SF Refresh event on July 24th, 2011. So far, the last SF Refresh Events have been a great collaboration of leaders and workshops, dedicated to teaching valuable skills and providing free whole body care. Workshops have focused on Reiki, massage, yoga, writing, music, life coaching, meditation, compost, sculpture, making succulent pockets, canning, medicinal herbs, and much more. SF Refresh is a time to come together as a community and enjoy a positive, healing, and informational experience inside gardens throughout San Francisco.

At every SF Refresh event that I have attended, I have met some interesting people that have shared some insightful information and helpful methods of healing. At the events, I have been able to connect with some great people that I may not have normally met. At each SF Refresh there are new and returning workshop and skill share leaders, and every time I go, I seem to meet someone new that can teach me something interesting and valuable. Workshop leaders attend SF Refresh in order to share knowledge and skills that they know well. By the end of the day, I always feel that I have learned at least two or three things (if not more) that I can take home with me or share with other people. At the last event I learned how to make vertical gardening pockets and how to can food for preservation.

SF Refresh has been a time in my week to take a break from the normal day to day activities and share a positive experience. As people come together from all walks of life in the San Francisco community, it is great being able to share an afternoon with new people who all share a similar interest of self-health, sustainability and positive existence. This connection and unity from a spontaneous new group is definitely a beautiful thing. It feels great to get outside and be in a space of nature, even in the city. Being in a garden and around plants is very therapeutic in itself, but getting a massage in a garden or doing yoga is very healing and relaxing.

I encourage you to attend SF Refresh to enjoy yourself. If you want a new experience that is fun and interesting, and also therapeutic and informational, these garden events are a great time to check in. SF Refresh is a place to learn valuable information that you can take home and apply to your daily life. With such great resources volunteered by such insightful, talented and dedicated individuals, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of these resources at this one moment in time. SF Refresh is also a place to express yourself through art projects and other creative workshops. I encourage people to join us on Juy 24th, 2011 at the next SF Refresh to heal yourself and enhance your life. SF Refresh is a great opportunity in the city for our entire community to come together, learn new skills, receive whole body care and experience the healing of nature.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Introducing Lia Rose

Resonant and compassionate, Lia Rose overflows with a soft articulation of that which makes us all go on. Couple her enormous yet clement tone with a simple honest story to tell, and you will find Lia Rose's newest works.

Having gained some attention fronting oceanic indierock band Built for the Sea, Rose now lets us into her more intimate world with her full-length debut solo album, When You Need Me Most (Release: January 2011).

What this record reveals is a passionate artist with an ear for the beauty in the tastefully adorned austerity of a set of strings, a simple truth; the quiet emotion that binds us all.