DIY = Do It Yourself

In this space we openly encourage you to be inspired, copy or steal any of our ideas.  You may be interested in: promoting food justice, providing advocacy and safety for those living in poverty where you live, providing free mental health care opportunities or just interested in growing something yummy you can put on your plate later.  Regardless of your intentions, this section will help you to replicate our project where you live.

Please feel free to contact at: if you have any questions or just to let us know you're working on a similar project.  Knowing we've inspired others keeps us motivated to continue posting more DIY information and can help us know what kind of content would be helpful for others. 

Before you check out the info below, please remember that this is just letting you know what we did.  Please consult your doctor before changing your diet or adding activities that could affect your health.  Every garden is different, and so are bodies.  Find out what works for you.  If something we did doesn't make sense for you, your community or your garden, please don't do it.  Everything in the garden is replaceable, except for people.  So, please be safe, try to make good decisions and use your best judgement.  And when you don't know how to do something ask for help from a local garden or hardware store, a health expert certified to help or from others who have experience.

Before you Start:
Building a Garden (and making it feel like home):
Gardens and Whole Body Care:
 SF Refresh Activities:
 Additional Resources: