Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24th SF Refresh Results

457 Participants joined in today's event!

177 people joined us at the Bayview Opera House for breakfast and a trash pick up. Special thanks to the Department of Public Works for providing the trash pick up materials and to Melissa Lareau our lead volunteer, a neighbor who envisioned this project as a way the Bayview could refresh.

53 people joined us at the Free Farm where 50 lunches, where served in addition to an open Cathedral, meditation and yoga onsite throughout the day.

39 people joined us at the Growing Home Community Garden, Where our six youth interns should off the skills they had learned at the garden and taught skill shares throughout the day with the homeless and formerly homeless individuals who run the garden.

188 people joined us at the Hayes Valley Farm to enjoy lots of music (including the Homeless Choir, a circus orchestra, harp therapy, and Lia Rose), gardening classes, vegan food, peer led safer sex and domestic violence recovery skill shares and yoga. Check out photos from the Hayes Valley Farm below.

Relaxing in the garden with organic vegan food

Compost classes

Peer led safer sex class


Lia Rose

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