Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Directions to Garden for the Environment

Located: 7th Avenue and Lawton Street

The buses that have stops nearby include #36 (Forest Hill Station), #43 (Munich & Geneva), and #44 (California & 6th).

Directions to Visitation Valley Greenway:

From the Golden Gate Bridge (driving):

  1. Head south on 101.
  2. Take exit 438 to merge onto 1-S toward 19th Avenue.
  3. Slight left at Crossover Drive.
  4. Turn right at Lincoln Way.
  5. Make a U-turn at 20th Avenue.
  6. Turn right at 7th Avenue.

From the Bay Bridge (driving):

  1. Head west on 80.
  2. Take exit 1B to merge onto 101-N toward Golden Gate Bridge.
  3. Take exit 434A to merge onto 101-N/Mission Street toward Golden Gate Bridge.
  4. Keep left at fork, follow signs for Duboce Avenue, and merge onto Duboce Avenue.
  5. Slight left at Market Street.
  6. Slight right at 17th Street.
  7. Turn right at Stanyan Street.
  8. Turn left onto Parnassus Avenue.
  9. Continue onto Judah Street.
  10. Turn left at 7th Avenue.

From the Mission from 16th Street and Harrison (Biking - burns 300 calories!):

  1. Head south on Harrison Street.
  2. Turn right at 17th Street.
  3. Turn right at Sanchez Street.
  4. Turn left at Duboce Avenue.
  5. Turn right at Steiner Street.
  6. Turn left at Waller Street.
  7. Turn right at Pierce Street.
  8. Turn left at Haight Street.
  9. Turn right at Scott Street.
  10. Turn left at Fell Street.
  11. Slight left at Baker Street.
  12. Turn right at Ashbury Street.
  13. Turn right at Page Street.
  14. Turn left at Clayton Street.
  15. Turn right at Waller Street.
  16. Turn left at Stanyan Street.
  17. Turn right at Kezar Drive.
  18. Continue onto 3rd Avenue.
  19. Turn right at Hugo Avenue.
  20. Turn left at 7th Avenue.

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