Monday, December 27, 2010

Why Refresh?

One of the definitions of "refresh," is to "breathe new life into." In today's fast paced digital world, people are more likely to take the time to refresh the data they're reading on a computer screen then they are to take the time needed to take care of their bodies, minds and spirits.

The Mental Health Services Act, which provides major financial support for SF Refresh, has a goal of expanding access to mental health care for all residents. In San Francisco, it seems like one of the only times we are talking about the need for mental health care is when we are talking about helping the homeless, individuals living in poverty or about individuals whose mental health status is debilitating.

Yet, we all have self care. Some are experiencing good mental health and others, less so. And regardless of how well we are doing today, our mood, need for care and connection to the community will be different next week than it is today.

SF Refresh, hopes to connect all San Franciscans with free whole body care, whether it is to take care of an emergent need, to educate, to provide rest for just one day or simply to help individuals meet their neighbors.

Plus, studies have shown that simply being in a garden setting can be good for your health. So even if you just come to see what SF Refresh is all about and don't participate in any activities, it's good for you.

Some people who are really good at taking care of their spirit, have a hard time taking care of their nutrition. Others are good at taking care of their bodies, but have a lot of anxiety. And those who are good at taking care of all the aspects of their life (I've heard these people exist), may be bored and want to try out some new activities.

Who couldn't use some free self care in some of the cities most beautiful spaces?

We hope you'll join us at the next SF Refresh event on April 16th and enjoy some TLC, after the stress of tax day. Until then, be well!

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