Tuesday, May 24, 2011

197 Participate in the May 21st Event

In the Bayview:

9 volunteers helped pick up trash, recycling and compost in the Bayview. We started our walk and trash pickup at the Quesada Gardens (based at the 1700 block of Quesada near 3rd). Volunteers learned about the proper way to sort trash and picked up more than 25 bags of waste. In addition to making the neighborhood a little cleaner, volunteers chatted with their neighbors and encouraged others to join the effort to keep the Bayview clean. Our next neighborhood trash pickup will start at the barn and orchard at the Bayview Mission and be hosted by the Rev. Nina Pickerell.

Special thanks to the Department of Public Works who supplied us with trash bags, vests, trash pickets, brooms, dust pans and latex gloves. You can report trash for pick up in your neighborhood anytime, by calling 3-1-1 and reporting the location of the trash.

At the Visitation Valley Greenway Garden:
97 individuals enjoyed our jazz festival, held in conjunction with the local merchant association's sidewalk sale. The pictures below feature some of the amazing acts that shared their talents with us that day:

The Otto Huber Trio

Jazzberry Patch

ROCK Korean Martial Arts


Mad & Eddie Duran

Special thanks to San Francisco Parks and Recreation, the Visitacion Valley Merchants Association and SF Environment for making this event a success.

The Alemany Farm:

Rachel, from the Revel Art Collective taught participants to make seedball, compostible garden gnomes and creatures in the most well attended and creative event of the day.

The gnome makers were so inspired by the process that they ended up making a claymation movie using their gnomes who explored the idea of the rapture that was predicted but did not occur on the day of our event.

Ilyse Magy, SF Refresh Art lead and fellow member of the Revel Art Collective has been collecting stop motion photos and will be showing a film highlighting activities from the first two SF Refresh events at our next event on July 24th. We've heard a rumor that the claymation gnomes video may become available before our next event, so stay tuned!

Jonathon Silverman taught people to make succulent pockets from burlap and grommets.

Judith Dancer led a class on movement, breathing and dance.

Other activities included canning, composting and shape note singing workshops.


  1. very cool, excited to be in town for the next event!

  2. Yey! Such a fun day, please post the stop motion film :D