Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 16. 2011 Event Serves 456

The numbers: Unique Individuals Participating - 456
reiki: 15; yoga: 24; composting skills: 21; herb class: 10; nonviolence workshop:13; advanced care directives: 5; meditation: 20; stress reduction: 4; massage: 30; life coaching: 20; knited fence pockets: 32; writing workshops: 8; meet the artist exhibit: 103; meals served: 239

Garden yoga classes:

Yoga for seniors and individuals with limited mobility, lead by Julia.

Flow style yoga for all levels, lead by Linda. Linda also taught Yoga for kids using animal shapes.

Body Work:

Chair massage was one of the most popular activities of the day. We hope to have many more massage therapists with us at our May 21 event.

The fine folk at Recology hosted the Great Compost Giveaway from 8-12. Food waste from San Francisco's best restaurants were composted into soil and given for free to anyone with a bucket.

Two composting classes were also taught to show people how they can compost their own food waste.

Music and Art:
Meet the Artist: Mother Earth Exhibit- the photography of Anne Hamersky was on display at the Free Farm and 103 individuals spent a significant amount of time with the photos and contemplated what they appreciated about mother earth.

Interactive Toolshed Mural, designed by Ilyse Magy, at the Free Farm: [DIY instructions]

Crochet/knit succulent pockets: [DIY Instructions]

This project was lead by Lily Laurence and the Revel Art Collective.

Affirmation trees, trelises and fences:


Life coaching.

Advanced care directives, lead by Megan Dowdell


David Douglas

The Vespertine Orchestra


In addition to giving away 227 pounds of produce and 20 pounds of bread, Ty made a great vegan lunch for the folk at the Hayes Valley Farm.

The food area at the Hayes Valley Farm took advantage of the view.

The Free Farm continued it's weekly ritual of eating a vegan meal at 12 and celebrating the space, community and the bounty of the earth.

Spiritual Wellness:

At 4pm several meditation leaders and nonviolence trainers created a joint activity that enabled a group to experience three types of mindfulness and meditation.

The Zen Center lead meditation at the Hayes Valley Farm. The sitting was so popular that they left their cushions at the farm so they could be used for the rest of the day.

Reiki was given to 15 people by Diana Wheeler at the Hay Valley Farm

Melissa Lareau blessed each of the tree garden/farms before our event, lead chakra opening and earth meditation at the Free Fam.

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