Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing: Melissa Lareau

I earnestly began to look for a more meaningful way to engage the world upon the completion of an intense academic career. Weary and clad with a Masters in Landscape History, I found refuge in an organic grocery chain. Among the aisles of tofu delights and gourmet coffees I learned a great deal about organics, holistic healing, plants and cut flowers. Safe within those confines, I explored Reiki, intuition and self-empowerment.

Knee deep in cut flowers, I realized my life’s purpose was not as a florist. When I was in school, I was led to believe that a job or career had to be something from an easily categorized drop down menu. I certainly did not anticipate becoming something from the “other” category. And yet, when I do this work with others and myself, the world feels right. In those moments, I can feel the fulfillment of my purpose with every fiber of my being. This is what I came to do- to be a clear channel for healing and love energy, facilitating others in their unique and marvelous journey to wholeness.

It is my intention to empower individuals to create lives they feel good living. I thank you for being part of my experience and thank you for allowing me to be part of yours. Namaste.

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