Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY: Party Tree - Yarn Succulent Pockets

Today, Ilyse, Lily and Lauren from the Revel Art Collective, stopped by the Hayes Valley Farm to show us how to make Yarn Succulent Pockets. Lily's drawing of a party tree it above. At the April 16th SF Refresh, Lily and Lauren will be teaching a skill share on how to make Yarn Succulent Pockets starting at 11am.

For now, enjoy these DIY (do it yourself) instructions:
Step One: knit, crochet, or use your fingers to make a pocket out of yarn.
Step Two: create an outline of a tree on the fence with yarn.
Step three: attach your yarn pocket to the fence. You can also attach succulant pockets made out of burlap and chicken wire as well. This makes for a good brown tree color.
Step Four: Fill the pocket with dirt and plant a succulent.
Step Five: Repeat until you've filled the outline of your tree. We need help with this step. Come by on Saturday and help us fill it in. Or make a pocket to take home.

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