Monday, March 28, 2011

Activity Leader Profile: Sam McMullen

Hey Folks! I am Sam, the new Garden Educator. I am very thrilled to become a part of the Growing Home Community Garden family. Participating in activities such as herb drying and planting seeds with 6th grade students has been exciting while making connections with the current volunteers and new peer mentors. As spring approaches, I am looking forward to planting warm weather crops and watching the garden transform. Hurray for tomatoes and basil! I am returning to the Bay Area after a year-long internship at Slide Ranch in Marin. There I learned about bio-intensive organic gardening, milking goats, and chasing chickens. And then I taught students how to do all these things during their day to week-long visits. The internship expanded my skills as an educator and sparked my passion for helping students connect to their food and their larger natural community. I fancy goats, herbs, and oral history and my favorite vegetables are brussel sprouts. Stop by the garden and say hello! Sam is leading several activities at Hayes Valley Farm. Saturday, April 16th: - 11:00AM: Composting - 1:00PM: Herbs and Wellness - 2:00PM: Composting - 3:00PM: Herbs and Wellness

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