Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introducing: Rik Center

Rik Center is a Somatic Stress and Trauma Counselor/Practitioner, Mindfulness Stress Reduction & Meditation Teacher and a Buddhist/Interfaith Chaplain. He is Co-Founder of the Nonprofit "Mindfulness Care Center" and is a member of the USABP/United States Association For Body Psychotherapy.

His private practice focuses on healing high levels of stress, unresolved traumatic anxiety and PTSD bringing about discharge and regulation of the autonomic nervous system. The nonprofit “Mindfulness Care Center” supports people in reclaiming their inner wisdom of the body/mind connection in feeling whole and safe and learning to move in the world with empowerment, boundaries and joy.

Over the years Rik has worked in volunteer community outreach care at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic utilizing somatic therapy and bodywork. He’s traveled to Baton/Rogue New Orleans providing trauma sessions and assistance training in supporting people who were still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina and Rita. He currently volunteers time at San Francisco General Hospital as a Chaplain, teaches mindfulness movement in one of the hospital wards and meditation. Rik also assists in training other Somatic Experiencing Practitioners.
Rik has trained with Peter Levine, the creator of Somatic Experiencing and author of “Waking The Tiger, Healing Trauma.” He has studied MBSR/Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, developed by author and PHD, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and has been a Buddhist meditation practitioner of “Insight Awareness” since 1988 and currently leads a weekly meditation class in San Francisco and offers Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programs.
His background also includes advanced bodywork studies that utilized both eastern & western healing practices. He has a small yoga and Qigong practice and has been a practitioner of the Martial Art Kyudo, “The Way Of Bow” since 1991. Rik’s spiritual practice is connected with Spirit Rock Mediation Center located in Woodacre, Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, Abhayagiri a Thai Forest Monastery in Ukiah
and Theravada Monastery for Nuns in San Francisco, Aloka Vihara.

Rik has retreated with gifted meditation teachers such as Jack Kornfield; renowned author, psychologist and former Buddhist Monk, Ajahn Sumedho a well known Thai Forest Theravada Buddhist Monk and teacher, Dr. Robert Hall, meditation teacher and founder of the Lomi School in Northern California and Stanislov Grof MD, creator of Holotropic Breathwork, plus many other wonderful teachers. At the end of 2009 he concluded a three-month silent meditation retreat at the IMS Forest Refuge. Rik continues his own study and practice of mindfulness, Buddhist practices and spiritual concepts.

In my personal experience, Rik's professionalism, skills and empathy are unmatched by any other in a world where everyone talks and few listen or connect. Rik has a rare gift in being able to be present and open others up, mentally, physically and spiritually. It's clear that he also takes great pride in what he does and that he never lets himself settle…he is always on a quest to improve himself”…SS

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