Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green Your Fence: SF's New Gardening Zoning

The San Francisco Urban Agriculture Alliance (SFUAA), one of the presenters of SF Refresh, has been working with the powers that be at City Hall to create a new zoning code that would make it easier for urban agriculture to flourish in San Francisco. One of the requirements of the new codes, if they are passed, will be decorative fencing (if a garden chooses to have fencing). Though it's certainly more beautiful than cyclone fencing, some gardeners fear that this requirement would be to too expensive for the community gardens that have large sites and cyclone fencing.

At the urging of SFUAA, the new code will likely include language that also allows for cyclone fencing if more than 50% of the fence will be covered by living plants within 3 years. SF Refresh wants you to think about branching out from the old standards like covering your fence with ivy. Learn how to green your fence at our April 16th event where we will teach you two ways to grow drought resistant and hypo-allergenic but pleasantly scented plants on your fences. Here are some samples of what we'll be teaching on April 16th at the Hayes Valley Farm:

Green Your Fence Skill Shares:

  • 11:00am Fence Yarn Pocket Art - Lily Laurence and Lauren Gucik of the Revel Art Collective Description: Fence Decoration: Living Pockets in Yarn, Fabric, and Repurposed Materials

  • 2:00pm Building Succulant Fence Pockets - Booka (DIY guide)

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