Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parachute - a really long word for fun!

We took a parachute down to the Civic Center to try it out before the April 16th SF Refresh in Hayes Valley and the Western Addition. And now we can confirm, parachutes are really fun!

We hope the parachute will encourage people to have fun like they did when they were kids.

Perhaps you have memories of joyfully playing with a parachute in gym class? On April 16th, you will have your own chance to have fun with the parachute at the Hayes Valley Farm (Fell/Laguna).

I'm a pretty able bodied 31 year old, but I realized somewhere in the fun of it all I had really gotten a pretty good upper body workout. Young Sara outlasted us all with her energy, but even those who played with the parachute for just 5 minutes or so, could be seen giggling for hours afterward. That's what we at SF Refresh call success!

You'll notice in this short video we took of our parachute adventure, that we can't stop giggling.

I hope you'll join us on April 16th, even if it is just to giggle. They say just visiting a garden improves your health, so please come even if you don't participate in any activities.

Have fun!

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